The Colorado Tourism Office Awards Colorado Stargazing: Marketing Match Grant


A $30,000 marketing match grant will allow for Colorado Stargazing to create and promote a video advocating Colorado’s night skies and how to protect them.

VistaWorks, a Colorado-based destination marketing agency, today announced the Colorado Tourism Office awarded Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night a $30,000 marketing match grant to produce and promote a video championing the conservation of and best practices for viewing Colorado’s night skies. Several participating locations have contributed a collective $15,000 match for a total of $45,000 for the project.

Not only will this video help to continue the successful promotion of the self-guided stargazing tour that draws visitors to rural Colorado, but it will also advocate for low-impact travel, specifically the reduction of light pollution.

This grant comes on the heels of Colorado House Bill 22-1382, signed by Governor Jared Polis on May 27, 2022. This bill sets aside $35,000 to provide technical assistance grants to applicants seeking direct support from the IDA for activities related to international dark sky designation and general education and outreach about dark skies, specifically that which promotes responsible and sustainable tourism opportunities in designated dark sky places in the state.

“Astrotourism in Colorado continues to rise in popularity, and with these advances, it’s imperative we get ahead of the curve and educate visitors on how to preserve dark skies and, more importantly, how to be responsible visitors in Colorado’s darkest places,” says Deb Adams, Chair of the Custer County Tourism Board and participant in the Colorado Stargazing program.

VistaWorks, which coordinated, developed, and currently promotes the stargazing experience, will continue to work with participating locations and will manage the production and promotion of the video produced via these grant funds.

“VistaWorks is honored to be a part of Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night. Interest has skyrocketed since the program’s launch, making it more important than ever to educate visitors on how to stargaze responsibly and protect Colorado’s dark skies,” says Bryan Jordan, Chief Officer of Thought for VistaWorks.

In awarding this grant to Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night, the Colorado Tourism Office recognizes the program’s aim to drive visitation to rural areas while also promoting environmental stewardship. The self-guided stargazing tour is also a novel travel opportunity for all ages that leads to one of tourism’s most coveted economic benefits—overnight stays.

About Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night

Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night launched in 2020. Among its locations, visitors will find International Dark-Sky Association designated places, areas just starting the designation process, and everything in between. All of these communities are unified by their high elevation and low humidity, allowing for some of the best stargazing in the world.

Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night can be found on, a comprehensive stargazing resource including logos, a branded map, event listings, stargazing sites, an album of sparkling images, suggestions for daytime activities to lengthen stays, and a media kit to help promote the offering.

For more information, visit

If your destination is interested in joining Colorado Stargazing: Experience the Night, contact VistaWorks at

Editor’s Note:  The Prowers County Lodging Tax Panel has employed Vista Works since 2019 to augment a general marketing campaign to attract visitors to southeastern Colorado.

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