Letter to the Editor:  Marijuana Viewpoint


They’re coming for your children.  According to SAMSHA, “young adult marijuana use outpaces other age groups in the United States”.  Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area states that these trends are significant in states that have legalized marijuana.

The use of marijuana by youth leads to severe consequences and sometimes irreversible harm.  However, the pot lobbyists and dealers, including those who have attended our City Council Meetings will lead you to believe otherwise.  Without getting your kids hooked on marijuana before the age of 18, they won’t have as many repeat customers.

Although it is illegal to advertise to youth, the pot industry continues to do so and they actively fight additional laws regarding their limits on marketing to youth.  They utilize the playbook of tobacco, alcohol, and big pharma to target poor and minority communities.  They target the young and vulnerable to get our children addicted to pot.  Even the Lamar Ledger reported, November 18, 2021, that marijuana advertising to youth is a problem.

This isn’t about helping our community through tax revenue, it is about their profits at any cost to you, your children, and our community.  Consider carefully when you are asked to sign the petition to legalize pot in your community.

Jonna Parker
County Road NN
Prowers County, CO

(Editor’s Note:  SAMSHA is recognized as Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

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