EZ Guide to the Prowers County – Democratic Caucus/Assembly

EZ Guide to the Prowers County – Democratic Caucus/Assembly

WHO: All welcome! (But only Prowers County residents registered as Democrats by February 11th can vote on the various actions.)

WHAT: Official meeting for Democrats from all precincts of Prowers County. This event is a combination of Caucus and Assembly. We will be working on tasks that build up to the State Convention, and upcoming 2022 elections, as required by Colorado regulations and State Democratic Party rules.

WHEN: Saturday, March 5, 2022, 2 pm (Again, this is a combination of County Caucus and County Assembly for all 13 Prowers County precincts.)

WHERE: Lamar High School cafeteria, 1900 S 11th Street, Lamar

WHY: We will take a preference poll for US Senate candidates from all voting attendees. The result of this poll will be used to choose delegates from Prowers County to the state assembly (where eligibility for June’s primary races will be decided).

Other actions: Assorted delegate and committee positions to larger mixed districts will also be filled. We will process suggestions for party platform planks. This is also where local candidates start the process of running for county office.

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