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Through the end of October, the plant’s wind turbines have generated 10,729.10 MWh’s of electricity which is about 2.89% lower than the same period a year ago.  Crews discovered trace amounts of metal shavings in the gearbox filter of turbine T-4 and they will flush and replace the gearbox oil.  The turbines have an average capacity factor of 32.15% which is lower than last year by about 1.06%.  T3 and T2 turbines generate the most power, in that order while the Springfield unit, due to weather and wind, continues to out-produce the rest at 41.98%.  Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, noted the turbines, which were erected in 2003 have an average life-span of 20 years and parts are becoming harder to locate.  He attributed the longevity to the units to a continued maintenance program.  “We try to keep enough parts on hand for replacement, but we can’t stockpile every part for our needs,” he explained, adding that 2020 was the third best year for turbine power output.

The Lamar Utility Board approved $42,047.08 in purchase orders from the $58,443.77 submitted. Purchase orders totaling $766,435.28 were authorized for November which included $638,948.10 for power from Arkansas River Power Authority.

Hourieh, detailed the October financial statement for the board, noting cash was up $245,524 from September and accounts receivable decreased by $419,711.  Total operating revenue for the month is $1,107,017 with operating costs at $933,733 resulting in gross operating income of $173,284.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are taken into consideration, there is a nete loss for the month of $22,738.

Total operating revenues for the year are $12,070,832 and operating costs are $10,531,193 resulting in gross operating income of $1,539,639.  With non-operating revenues and expenses considered, there is a net income of $68,477 year to date.  Retail sales are down 1% comparing YTD figures with 2020 and overall operating expenses are down approximately $212,687 or 2% resulting in a net income of $68,477 for 2021.

The line crew replaced a 40-foot wood pole at 28150 Highway 287 which has damaged in a hit and run accident on November 13th.  Crews are getting underway with the holiday season by hanging Christmas lights on Main and Olive Streets.  The final utility board for the year will be on Tuesday, December 14th.

By Russ Baldwin

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