Little Library, Big Steps


Mayor Crespin with Abigail Ross


The Prowers County Youth Council works to improve the lives of youth and all age groups in the county.  Their most recent effort was showcased with a ribbon cutting of a Little Library, erected in Lamar’s downtown Pocket Park.

Council member, Abigail Ross, explained that she has been working on projects that encourage reading and the introduction of the Little Libraries was a natural fit.  “Reading has been a big part of my life,” she told the gathering on hand for the ribbon cutting, this past Friday, October 29th.  Ross added that reading has enabled her to broaden her mind and help increase her awareness of the world around her.

L-R: Superintendent Krug, Gerry Jenkins City Council, Wendy Buxton-Andrade, County Commissioner, Abigail Ross and Mayor Crespin

One other library was installed earlier in Willow Creek Park and she said another has been planned for Granada, to be located adjacent to the town hall and post office.

“We’ve distributed about 2,600 books so far and some are donated and we’ve bought others for the libraries.  They cover all subjects and they are intended to attract all age groups,” she said.  Ross, a high school student, has been involved in other projects with the Youth Council, but she said the interest in the libraries have been a pleasant surprise.

Community representatives were on hand for the ribbon cutting, including Mayor Kirk Crespin, Wendy Buxton-Andrade from the Prowers County Commissioners and Re-2 School District Superintendent, Chad Krug who spent some time after the ceremony reading to a small gathering of youngsters from one of the free books that filled a nearby picnic table.

Crespin commented that the Youth Council was a very positive addition to the community, “We need more avenues like this to encourage our younger citizens to take part in our town.”

One small addition to the Little Library was the addition of a small, but significant plaque that was attached to the outer wall of the structure, noting the contribution and efforts of Abigail Ross to the project.

By Russ Baldwin

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