Living Historians at Bent’s Old Fort


Bent’s Holiday Celebration

So, who are these people in the funny clothing at history events? Re-enactors, living historians, actors, entertainment; which applies? Depending on the location it might be any of the above, or a little of each. During the Santa Fe Trail bi-Centennial you might encounter numerous people who have committed their time and passions to providing living history programs to provide a better, more tangible experience to visitors.

Quality living history provides an opportunity for visitors to interact in a tangible manner with the past. There is something about smelling the wood smoke, the aroma of food cooking, and hearing the cacophony of sound that accompanies wagons traversing the plains by horse, mule and ox power that transports people back into the past. Yes, even the odors of folks sweating and animal offal provides a better understanding of what the Santa Fe Trail encompassed. Being able to speak to those who travel the trail during its premier years, hearing their experiences, toils, celebrations, sorrows, and pains directly from a human voice enhances the experience of the visitors. Each contributes to a better perception of what the history of the trail encompassed.

Come to Bent’s Old Fort during the SFTA Symposium and experience for yourself life in 1843. Journey through the Fort and down to the river and see the campsites. Take time to visit with the living historians and immerse yourself in life at the Fort along the Santa Fe Trail.

For more information on the SFTA 2021 Symposium September 22-26, go to You’ll learn about all the events taking place along with registering for the symposium.

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