COVID-19 Cases Start to Increase for Prowers County


Prowers County Public Health and Environment Covid Weekly Update for August 3, 2021.


The seven-day Test Positivity rate increased over the past week to 5.58%. This is up from 3.69% from last week.  The goal is <5%.  There have been seventeen cases in the past seven days and 25 in the past fourteen.  There have been 1,306 cases today in Prowers County with 93 total hospitalizations.  On July 21, there were 1,281 cases reported.

  • VARIANTS: The best way to fight against variants (more easily transmitted and some make people sicker) is to get vaccinated. The Delta Variant is now responsible for more than 95% of the infections in Colorado and, while we have not had this isolated in Prowers County, it has been found in our region. It is 50% more transmissible than non-variant COVID-19 viruses. There is significant concern that counties with low vaccine uptake will have significant case surges in the near future. We have had B.117 variant in our county. Those numbers are updated at: Look for the variant data by county drop down menu.
  • * NEW SCHEDULE! FREE community testing for all is available at High Plains Community Health Center Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 AM. If you think you may have COVID-19, have been exposed or require testing for any reason, call public health directly at 336-8721 to schedule. If you are having severe symptoms such as significant trouble breathing, etc. call 911.
  • As of 08/02/2021, 41.7% of eligible Prowers County residents have gotten at least 1 dose of vaccine, up from 40.9% last week. Goal is 70+%.
  • PCPHE is not giving boosters, third doses, etc as our federal contract to administer vaccines does not permit off label administration. If this changes and a booster is recommended, we will get the word out as soon as we hear!

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