Gov. Polis Announces Boards and Commissions Appointments



Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund Board

The Board manages the Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund, which receives a portion of Colorado Lottery proceeds. These proceeds are used to make investments through the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission and award grants to local governments and land trusts. Funds are used for open space and wildlife habitat protection, species protection, environmental education programs, enhancements to state parks, trails, and local park and outdoor recreation projects.

for terms expiring April 15, 2025:

Brenda J. May of Lamar, Colorado, an Unaffiliated and a resident of the Fourth Congressional District, and representing agricultural interests, appointed;

Opioid Crisis Recovery Funds Advisory Committee

The Opioid Crisis Recovery Funds Advisory Committee advises and collaborates with the department of law on uses of any custodial funds received by the state as the result of opioid-addiction-related litigation and for which the use of the funds is not predetermined or committed by court order or other action by a state or federal court of law.

for terms expiring at the Pleasure of the Governor:

Wendy Lee Buxton-Andrade of Lamar, Colorado, to serve as a member from the eastern plains from nominees submitted by statewide organizations representing counties, appointed;

Joseph Carrica III of Otero, Colorado, to serve as a member from an association that represents behavioral health providers, appointed.

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