Prowers County May See New COVID-19 Rating Shortly, School Proms are Okayed


The Prowers County Department of Public Health and Environment indicated in its March 16th report, the seven-day average Test Positivity rate is 0.47%, down from 1.41% last week (goal is <5%). There has been only one case in the past seven days and four for the past fourteen days.

Prowers County is Level BLUE on the dial New orders are expected next week.


  • Vaccine phasing expands to include 1B.4 on March 19, 2021.It includes those age 50 and older, those age 16-49 with 1 or more chronic health conditions, those working in Higher Education, Food/restaurant workers, manufacturing, US Postal Service, Public Transit, Public Health, Human Service workers, Faith leaders, Direct care providers who work with those experiencing homelessness, Journalists, and those necessary for continuity of local government. Details and the list of chronic health conditions are listed at

Vaccine providers for the public in Prowers County include PCPHE, High Plains Community Health Center, Safeway and Willow Creek Pharmacies. If you are on multiple waitlists, please let the other facilities know if you get your vaccine so that your spot can be given to someone else.

  • Schools/athletics: Proms are a go! We are working with the schools to help support a safe event. Graduation ceremonies are also a go and we are awaiting final recommendations from the state.


  • Restaurant workers can now get free at home testing. We are reaching out to local licensed restaurants and food service. See more at[1]expands-at-home-covid-19-testing-program-to-restaurant-workers
  • is the new Spanish website!
  • FREE COMMUNITY TESTING for all, regardless of symptoms is located at High Plains Community Health Center Monday thru Friday at 11:00 AM. If you think you may have COVID-19 and are interested in testing, call public health directly at 336-8721 to schedule. If you are having severe symptoms such as significant trouble breathing, etc. call 911.
  • COVID-19 variants have been identified in Colorado, and increasing numbers are being noted at the CDPHE lab. We are monitoring what this may do to vaccine effectiveness and transmissibility. It appears that one of the antibody treatments does not work on one of the variants so treatment options may change soon.
  • We are aware of the multiple BBQs being held this weekend to promote ranching.

PLEASE follow guidance to keep our counts low. We want to be able to move into the anticipated less restrictive dial!

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