Lamar Utility Board Meets for Brief Agenda



The Lamar Utility Board held a brief meeting this past Tuesday, March 9th, during which time they approved $773,939.53 in purchase orders which included the February estimate for power purchased from Arkansas River Power Authority totaling $648,907.23. Total purchase orders amounted to $784,738.47. The board also approved payment of bills amounting to $517,281.81.

A purchase of raptor protection equipment was approved through bids with the low bid from Stuart Irby for $13,676.50. This is part of an on-going Avian Protection Plan adopted by the board in 2019.

Open Area Being Created

Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, noted the wind turbine generation data for 2020 showed that Lamar’s three wind turbines have generated 13,322.49 MWS’s of electricity which is 33.89% higher than last year, by 7.03%. Since the plant installed the turbines in 2003, 2010 has been the best year for production, followed by 2008 and the third best year was 2020, replacing 2012.

Governor Polis has extended his executive order banning the imposition of late or reconnection fees for missed utility payments and/or disconnects per executive order D 2021-053. The order will expire 30- days from February 28, 2021 unless extended further by executive order. It was noted that with regard to delinquent payments, a notice of disconnect card is issued to a customer and that helps generate payments to the Light Plant. Hourieh said the plant will work with customers in developing a payment plan. He also noted that work continues with the demolition of the Lamar Repowering Project in that the bag house on the western side of the plant has been demolished and the crew hired for the project will soon start on the steam turbine generator building.

By Russ Baldwin

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