Holly Trustees Approve 2021 Budget



The Holly Trustees approved the town’s budget for 2021, following a public hearing on Wednesday, December 2nd, for comments. Ordinance No. 532 allow appropriation of sums of money totaling $2,373,796 which will be applied to the General Fund at $523,413, The Library Fund at $21,701, the Utility Fund at $1,819,677 and the Conservation Trust Fund at $9,005.

Ordinance No. 533 set the mill levy for 2021. A tax of 28.866 mills will be assessed on each dollar’s worth of property as per the assessed value will go into effect on the first of January, 2021. The property assessment is $2,781,744 and per the mill levy, the revenue generated for operating expenses for the town is $80,298.

Ordinance No. 534 allows the appropriation of sums of money to defray expenses in excess of amounts budgeted for the Town of Holly in 2020. The appropriation is increased by $7,822 from $518,023 to $525,845 for Maintenance and Operations for buildings and grounds.

The Holly Landfill ceased operations on November 30, 2020; an action that followed considerable discussion and planning on the part of numerous trustees over a several year span. Plains Disposal has had a contract in place for trash hauling each week and the trash is being deposited in a compliant landfill of the contractor’s choice. The trustees are continuing to weigh their options for a transfer station at this time.

The trustees approved the purchase of used bucket truck as a replacement vehicle and approved the liquor license renewal for J.R.’s Country Store. There was some discussion on replacement wells for the town and a review of the plans will be submitted to the state as well as the town seeking funding for the operation. A suitable location is being sought, perhaps to tie two or three wells together and have them serviced by one treatment plant.

Meeting dates for 2021 were discussed and the trustees will remain with the traditional meeting date of the first Wednesday of each month. The next trustees meeting will be on January 6, 2021 at a location to be determined, according to Town Clerk, Megan Jara.

By Russ Baldwin

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