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Some progress is being made for new business development around Lamar; some noticeable from the roadways while others are more off the beaten path.

Last One Standing at Opal’s

Residents noticed the team of demolition workers at the former site of Opal’s on North Main Street last week. A temporary perimeter fence was erected around the lone, final building to be torn down from the site of the former nightclub. Due to asbestos content, workers were dressed in head-to-toe protective gear while sections of the demolished house were wrapped in plastic sheeting and taken aboard semi-trucks which headed east out of town along Highway 50 to a final resting site.

Parking Lot Looking East to Cow Palace

That demolition clears the way for a future Best Western Inn and Suites to be erected on the six acre site which, this past spring, received on the order of 60,000 tons of fill dirt to be compacted as the base of the buildings. The City of Lamar has met with the architect who will draw up the design stages for the motel unit, while some relandscaping work, according to City Administrator, Steve Kil, will be done to the Quality Inn, just south of the new motel project. The Lamar City Council recently granted a six month extension to a Cobblestone Inn developer who has an interest in constructing a motel on the opposite side of the street, located between the Cow Palace Inn and Lamar Inn. Kil told the council during a recent meeting that economic studies have shown that upscale motels of this nature would be in demand in Lamar.

Concrete Pad Overlooking Second Pond at North Gateway Park


Kil told the Prowers County Commissioners recently, that two sites are being developed at North Gateway Park for outdoor recreation. There are three ponds that are available to the public and the second and third ponds are receiving some upgrades. Kil said a second pavilion base has been poured overlooking the second pond and the foundations for a commercial enterprise have been laid out at the third and eastern-most pond. Aqua-haulics, a Wiley business, started renting paddle boats this summer and the third pond will have a storage building to accommodate future rentals next season. Kil said other plans include developing a beach area with space set aside for volleyball games and shade umbrellas.

Foundation Construction at 3rd Pond

The city is also planning to use GoCO funding for capital improvement projects. Kil said the city is looking at significant upgrades for Escondido Park off the greenbelt on the western edge of Lamar. At the moment there are several soccer fields along with restrooms for the public and players, but the city is looking at installing nightlights and bringing the playing fields up tournament level specifics. He said this is an opportunity to work with the local college and high school for some cost-sharing and future sanctioned tournaments similar to the ballgames now held at the sportsplex off Savage Avenue.

Other projects include grant-funded renovations to the former Main Café on South Main Street, turning the ground floor into a restaurant and upgrading the upstairs section of the building into three or four apartments. Renovation work progresses at the Cow Palace Inn and the city has offered to help with laying out a new parking lot south of the building once the construction to the motel is almost finalized. The deck of the stage at the Enchanted Forest will be replaced with plans for some shade canopy in the works and a mural to the rear of Daylight Donuts will be painted before the end of the year.

By Russ Baldwin


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