Letter to the Editor: Re: Mask Precautions–Hello Friends and Neighbors!

After all the prayers for Melania and Donald, I wonder if anyone is praying for all the people they so recklessly exposed to COVID- 19?

Nine months of denying COVID-19, stating it was a hoax and it would be over in April, goading anyone who wore a mask, suggesting Americans inject cleaning solution into their veins, disregarding the CDC and any other scientific body with expertise, Donald Trump may have exposed thousands of people to COVID-19, either through his own conduct, or lack of safety protocols for those around him. And this was in the name of individual rights. What about the rights of others?

  • Family, his own and families of others on this list
  • Secret service
  • Staffers, White House employees
  • Congress/Senators/Legislators
  • Pilots
  • Religious leaders
  • Military leaders
  • Business associates
  • Newscasters, press, journalists
  • Campaign organizers and volunteers
  • Americans encouraged to yell and cheer (spreading sputum/phlegm), disregard mask wearing or social distancing during Trumps campaigning?

Even after these exposures, on his way to the hospital, Trump promised he will repeat it all again by sending Pence out to conduct the same official negligence. No remorse or accountability.

More eloquently put by Sweezy Jibbs who tweeted Trump after his announcement of his positive COVID test “MAY THE LORD GRANT U THA SAME COMPASSION AN GRACE U HAVE GIVEN 2 OTHERS”

Take care of yourself and others. Get a flu vaccination, wear a mask, practice social distancing.

Kris Stokke
dba Southeast Region Generalist


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