Letter to the Editor: COVID19 Response


As a proud and new member of the city of Lamar, I am thrilled to see so much positivity in this community despite the impact of COVID19. The uplifting spirit and cooperative characteristics of the community members allow for anyone from anywhere to feel welcome. Although, as in any small town, there are always those attempting to bring that welcoming spirit down. Blaming a global pandemic on a political figure, the rebellion of wearing a mask, or any reason at all is not something to be taken as positivity. Most shockingly giving this opinion attempting to use current political standpoints as a “reference” is sadly embarrassing. This is especially saddening when doing so through a positive community resource such as the Prowers County Journal.

A virus that has currently taken 1,983 individuals lives away in the state of Colorado and has a high survival rate for individuals below 40 is not an answer to help fuel a political opinion to the public. Speaking on behalf of the people that are factually informed and aren’t attempting to use political opinions to give reason to COVID19, we hope to see a change. Your health is your responsibility. If you’re sick respect the community and if you’re not, we urge you to take back your rights and not be misled by media, opinions, or political standpoints.


Sincerely, Tristan Boles
Mullen Street
Lamar, CO

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