Prowers County VA Resumes Medical Transportation



Gary Harbert, Prowers County Veteran’s Representative, announced that veterans can be transported to their medical appointments now that some social distancing rulings on the covid pandemic have been eased.

Harbert released a statement urging every veteran in southeast Colorado to contact him at 719-336-2606 or email at to learn what VA benefits they may be entitled to. He is headquartered in the Prowers County Annex.

A veteran who served during peacetime or wartime or National Guard or Reserve members which were activated under federal orders should contact him to inquire about benefits. He added that numerous veterans are being underserved by not making contact with his office.

The VA can pay for some burial costs but only if you make an application before your demise. A widow or children can’t get the VA funding after you’ve died.

Other benefits are offered to a surviving spouse of a wartime veteran that earns less than $768 a month can apply for a VA pension. Out of pocket medical costs can be deducted as well as insurance premiums from your monthly income. For example: A surviving spouse who makes $800 from Social Security and pays Medicare $200 for membership as well as $68 per month, out-of-pocket for medications, can file a VA claim that, when approved, the VA will reimburse them $236 at the first of every month.

Contact 719-366-2606 and learn about the full range of benefits offered to veterans in southeast Colorado.

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