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Lamar Mayor, Kirk Crespin, began the June 7th city council meeting noting that the Lamar Municipal Swimming Pool, after some long deliberations, would be open to the public on Monday, June 15th. “We’ve hired lifeguards that are undergoing training in Holly so they’ll be ready to go along with the concession stands, the pool is currently being chlorinated and the heaters are being fired up,” he stated. He thanked the city crews for being able to cut the opening time for the pool by half, two weeks instead of the usual four. Crespin also explained that pool time for patrons will be limited to two hour shifts at a flat cost of $2 per session. This was done in order to allow as many people as possible to use the pool through the day due to social distancing restrictions which limits the number of people who could use the pool at one time.

City Administrator, Steve Kil provided an update on Public Health Order No. 20-28, Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors. He recapped that face coverings are still strongly recommended when in public along with the use of the six-foot rule for distancing. The city’s playgrounds are still limited to ten persons and the Youth and adult sports leagues are opening with a 25-person capacity for outdoors and 25% capacity or 50 people for indoor activities. Dine in capabilities for restaurants is now allowed at 50% capacity with a maximum of eight persons per group.

Those areas not authorized by the variance order are: Rodeos, Fairs, Festivals and Parades. Garage sales are not regulated by the Public Health Order and general health recommendations are posted on the city’s facebook page, he explained.

Kil provided an economic update on the status of business, commercial and residential real estate transactions. He said only one building needs to be removed from the Best Western Inn and Suite site off North Main Street and the safe removal of the asbestos content has been the factor in its removal. Construction work continues on the new Farm Credit building east of Big R on East Olive Street and the city is working to recruit a tenant for the empty Burger King building which recently closed. Two new housing sub-divisions, lots five and twelve, are now in planning stages. Kil said it was very encouraging to see this type of positive development in the community in light of the pandemic scenario the population has to function under. The annual Bike to Work event set for June 24th, is scheduled to be held that morning. “There will be some changes here,” he explained, adding that most of the breakfast will be on a ‘to-go’ basis to avoid population clusters for the annual morning ride that begins at the Lamar Community Building at 7am. Burger King, he noted, was closed after 40 years of service in the community, “Not from anything COVID related,” he explained, stating that it was due mostly to financial discussions between the property owner and the franchisee. “The City is working right now to find a new business that may want to take over that building and make something of it,” he said.

The council approved a temporary modification of premise request from Las Brisas Restaurant on South Main Street.   This will provide for outdoor seating and serving of alcohol to allow for social distancing. The permit would allow the owner to encompass the sidewalk area on the north side of the building on West Elm Street from the alley, east to Main Street. With the city’s assistance, there would be a six foot high construction fence running the length of the sidewalk and cement barricades would be placed three feet from the curb and parallel parking signs would be posted for a secure area for pedestrian use and still allow for vehicle parking on the south side of Elm Street. This will remain in effect for 120 days, or until September 17th, before a new determination will be made on the new accommodations.

The council set Monday, July 13th as the date for a public hearing for a special events permit requested by Sand and Sage Round-up to host an annual beer garden at the Round-up fair. The garden would be open on August 1st from 6pm to 12am and August 6-8 from 5pm to 12am.

So far, so good for Lamar’s annual fireworks display on Saturday, July 4th and during the annual Rodeo in August. The Lamar Fire Department will engineer the display, valued at $11,000. The council approved the agreement pending approval from Tri-State Fireworks on the sale. Administrator Kil said he hasn’t seen any guidelines from the state on any kind of fireworks display for Colorado to date, but the city will continue with the assumption that it will be held.

By Russ Baldwin


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