Two Local Elections Cancelled



The North Lamar Sanitation District has cancelled the election scheduled for May 5, 2020 as by the nomination deadline there were no more candidates for director than offices to be filled including candidates filing affidavits or intent to be write-in candidates. The following candidates are declared elected: Dustin DeWitt, James Habutzel, Bryan Herrera and Jacob Chamberlain, each for a three-year term expiring May, 2023.

The Wiley Sanitation District cancelled their scheduled May 5, 2020 election, as they too, had no candidates file to run for office beyond the open positions. The following candidates are declared elected: Allen Campbell and Larry Coen, each for three-year terms expiring May, 2023.

Wiley will still hold an election on April 7th, 2020 for a Trustee position as J.W. Wilks, will be on the ballot for a Trustee position. Incumbent Mayor, Allen Campbell is running unopposed for another term. The other Trustee candidates are incumbents: Larry Coen, Prudy Osborn and Dale Stewart.

Voters will also determine if Ordinance 2019-3 proposing a tax increase, will pass. They will vote on a new municipal sales tax ordinance for a 2% increase on April 7th. If approved, the tax will go into effect on July 1, 2020 and should help raise an additional $20,200 for general and capital expenses for street maintenance and repairs. The tax would impact sales of tangible personal property and services.

By Russ Baldwin


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