Sanders and Trump Take Colorado Presidential Primary



U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders led his competition for Democratic delegates in Colorado’s Super Tuesday Presidential Primary, March 3rd, with 36% of the vote, state-wide. President Donald Trump, in the GOP race, handily beat his limited competition with numbers in the high 90% range throughout Colorado.

Prowers County had a voter turnout of 45.51%, or 222 votes, with 3,294 ballots returned out of 7,238 registered voters. Sanders had 222 votes which was followed by Joe Biden with 26.78% and 196 votes, Mike Bloomberg with 25.41% and 186 votes and Elizabeth Warren with 11.48% or 84 votes. Voting for Trump in Prowers County had 96.77% and 2,339 votes.

Bent County had 44.17% voter turnout out of 3,113 voters with Sanders taking the lead at 34.32%, Bloomberg had 28.64%, Biden with 23.86% and Warren with 8%.

Baca County went for Biden at 29.52% out of 1,449 votes cast from an eligible 2,861. Sanders finished second with 26.43%, Bloomberg had 16.74% and Warren had 12.33%.

Sanders placed first in Otero County at 33.07% with a voter turnout of 37.88% and 4,675 voters from an eligible 12,341. Bloomberg had 28.92%, Biden had 23.72 and Warren finished 4th with 8.70% of the vote.

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