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The enclosed is a letter I sent to the mayor of Granada says it all. You might wish to run a story telling locals about their neighbors.   This event says something good about people and police officers, a far too-rare occurrent in today’s world!

Attn:  Mayor Glenn Otto
City of Granada
PO Box 258
Granada, CO  81041

Mayor Otto:

On March 11, I was driving through Southeastern Colorado late in the evening and found myself to be running very low on fuel. Driving north to south, it seemed each town was closed down for the night and/or had no visible fuel outlets. When I arrived in Granada, I noticed only a closed station/store, which I later found was the Stop 2 Shop on Goff Avenue. Seeing a police officer parked nearby, I inquired as to fuel availability and was helpfully informed I might try Holly, some ten miles to the east of your town. At that moment, the proprietress of Stop 2 Shop came out and said she was just closing up, but had seen me at the pump. She then offered to turn on the pump and sell me fuel; obviously, I was delighted at her accommodating manner.

After filling with fuel, I went on my way and had gone three or four miles out of town when a police cruiser pulled me over. The officer, who was the same helpful person from your city, handed me my credit card which I had mistakenly left in the pump at Stop 2 Shop! Of course, I thanked him profusely, but unfortunately, I did not get his name.

Mayor, I cannot begin to tell you how fortunate you are to have citizens in your town who will do what the Stop 2 Shop owner and the police officer on duty that night did for me. It is a testament to the character of your townspeople and/or training of your law enforcement people that “protect and serve” is more than a slogan for the cruiser door!

In a town like Granada, I’m sure you know those folks; please thank them publicly and make your city aware of who they live with, buy from, and have protection and service!


Hanes Segler,
San Antonio, TX 78216

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