Primary Election Ballots Set to be Mailed


Democratic and Republican Ballots, and Unaffiliated Ballot Packets will be mailed out automatically to all Actively registered Voters in Prowers County for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary the week of February 10-14, 2020.

What about registered Unaffiliated Voters?  Unaffiliated voters may observe a precinct caucus but may not participate.

For the first time in Colorado Unaffiliated voters are eligible to vote a Major Political Party Ballot, i.e. Democratic or Republican because Colorado voters approved the ballot question, Proposition 108 back in the 2016 General Election.

Unaffiliated voters will receive both a Democratic and Republican Presidential Primary ballot by mail for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary. They may vote and return only ONE party’s ballot, i.e. Democratic or Republican. If an Unaffiliated Voter votes and returns both ballots, none of them will be counted.

The deadline for Unaffiliated voters to declare a “ballot preference” was February 3, 2020 for the March 3, 2020 Presidential Primary Election. By declaring a ballot preference it helped conserve taxpayer dollars, because counties would have only have to pay postage and printing cost to send one ballot verses two. After February 3rd, Unaffiliated voters that did not make a “ballot preference” will now receive a Ballot Packet (both party’s ballots) in the mail.

Who can vote in the March 3rd, Presidential Primary Election?

  • Voters affiliated with a major party: may cast a ballot for candidates of the party they are affiliated with as of the February 3, 2020 deadline.
  • Unaffiliated voters: An unaffiliated voter may now choose to vote a major party ballot for any ONE political party’s candidate . If an unaffiliated voter votes both major party ballots and returns both major party ballots, then the ballots will be rejected and none of the votes will be counted.

What is “adequate” postage when returning a Mail-in Ballot back to the County Clerk’s Office using the United States Postal Service:

Postage for returning your ONE voted ballot, secrecy sleeve and SIGNED return envelope back to the County Clerk’s Office is .55 cents (1 Stamp) or you do have the option of purchasing a .70 cent stamp directly from the United States Post Office if you so choose.

You can contact the Prowers County Clerk’s Office for any election questions at 719-336-8011, M-F, 8:30 am-4:30 pm.

Jana Coen
Prowers County Clerk
301 S. Main St., Ste. 210
Lamar, CO 81052
(719) 336-8011

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