Lamar is Getting Benched!!

Site of New Bench



This past October, the Lamar Redevelopment Authority recommended a CDOT Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) be awarded to Daniels Construction in Lamar for an upgrade to facilities along Main Street in Lamar.

You Will Soon be Able to Sit Here

The grant is for $500,000 which includes 30 permanent benches, 20 movable benches, 48 trash receptacles, 197 flower pots and one sound system to be used for downtown Lamar events. Residents have noticed the work along the Main Street sidewalk, which is not for any water or electrical needs, but to set a base for the benches which will follow this spring.

Public Benches on East Beech Street

The benches that will be installed are similar to the ones built last year in the business parking area on the corner of 4th Streets and the Pocket Park and opposite the Lamar Chamber of Commerce and Welcome Center along East Beech Street.

The excavation work behind the orange fencing will contain the built-in benches and will have an anchor/pillar on the left, right or both ends of the bench with planters on top of each pillar. These will stretch from Park Street to La Colonia avenue.

By Russ Baldwin

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