Colorado Abandoned on Display


Authors, Lex Nichols and Vincent Gearhart


Lex Nichols and Vincent Gearhart will showcase their book, “Colorado Abandoned – Capturing the Beauty of the Forgotten”, Saturday, November 2nd from 2pm to 3:30pm at the Cultural Events Center in Lamar.

A previous showing and book signing was held this past weekend at Brew Unto Others. For those persons who enjoy a colorful display of old, off the beaten track and largely abandoned or forgotten buildings and artifacts, this book will make a great gift for the holidays or for personal viewing.

Many of us have viewed old, abandoned properties during our travels on Colorado roadways and wondered about the history of old and lonely places…’who lived there, how did it get its start and how did it come to be the way it is now?’ While the photos may not tell the complete story, they do capture the current history of the structures before they are completely lost and absorbed into the landscape.

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