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The Pedal the Plains bicycling event is set for southeast Colorado September 13-15 this year, marking the second time the event will be held in this area. The first Pedal was hosted in Lamar in 2013.  This year Lamar, Holly and Springfield are on the agenda for the 100 mile-plus riding event.

Organizers in each community are preparing to deal with the impact of over 1,000 bicyclists and their support groups in similar, but distinctive fashions, according to their amenities. The riders are expected to show up in Lamar on Thursday, September 12th with the riders starting their day at 10am with opening ceremonies for the ride to Holly at the Lamar Community Building.  Logistics call for staggered starts so not all 1,000 riders will hit the road at the same time.  Most of the riders will be camped at Savage Stadium with support RVs and the bicycles parked nearby.  It’s expected that almost every motel in Lamar will be occupied.  Busses will be on hand to transport any riders back to Lamar, perhaps by as early as 3pm, that won’t be camping in Holly overnight.

Day two and the next leg of the route takes riders from Holly due south to Springfield. Riders have an option of a 73 mile gravel road route which eventually connects to the southern section of Highway 287 into Springfield, or they can opt for a 100 mile route which takes them to Lycan, west to Two Buttes and then south to Springfield, also on Highway 287.

Riders will cross the finish line on Sunday afternoon at the Prowers County Fairgrounds with the first group expected in by as early as 11am. Closing ceremonies have been scheduled for 3:30pm.

Organizers have been asking businesses in each community to be aware of the impact the number of riders will have on their operations and to plan accordingly, especially those in the food and beverage categories as demand will undoubtedly increase with the influx of so many more people for one or two days. The median age of the riders is 47 and the majority will be from Colorado, although Pedal the Plains does have a nationwide following with some riding enthusiasts from out- of-country expected.  Almost 30% will be participating in the event for the first time.  The Proceeds from Pedal the Plains benefit the Denver Post Community Foundation in support of Colorado FFA Foundation and Colorado 4-H.  Host towns are also presented with donations of around $1,000.

Local residents wishing to volunteer their services can contact www.ci.lamar.co.us or www.mainstreetlamar.com to sign up.  Contact Angie Cue at Lamar Partnership Incorporated at 719-336-1448 for additional information.

By Russ Baldwin





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