Several Derelict Properties in Lamar Noted for Action

Past Demolition



The City of Lamar has, for several years, moved through legalities and red tape in an attempt to either demolish houses and buildings in Lamar which are considered eye-sores, blight to their surroundings, or have been abandoned or could at least be cleaned and repurposed.

City Administrator, John Sutherland, provided the city council with five of the most recent efforts performed by the city and Chief Building Inspector, Craig Brooks, during the council’s July 22nd meeting.

Housing Demolition in Lamar

“Some have been sailing below the radar as a couple look very habitable facing the street, but have been vacant,” explained Southerland, who added, “If you drive around the back you start to see the tagging, broken windows and so forth, so we are helped by those who keep their eyes open and report back to us.”

The summary from Brooks recounts one property on 8th Street, as Sutherland noted.  “It has been there for a good stretch of time, and we’ve known about it, but now’s the time to have some conversation with the homeowner, which has been amicable, we’re not dragging anyone off to court, so that’s good.”

The report lists a burnt house from a fire in 2009 at 1009 South 8th Street which is slated for demolition. It had been condemned by an earlier inspector and was written up several days ago for a trespassing violation. Brooks will speak with the owner about the demolition of the property.

A house at 520 B, East Oak Street was posted last year, but has been visited by the local police several times and following the posting, the people living there left. The property has been cleaned, but is abandoned and a new posting over future demolition is in the works.

A vacant house at 507 East Parmenter Street has had a new roof and portions of the front of the house repaired; including the porch, but the house needs attention with some broken windows and a weed code violation was issued in April.

A house at 300 South 8th is occupied, has no structural damage, but needs upkeep and maintenance on weeds and visible trash, the last weed code violation was earlier this month.

1101 South Main Street

One long vacant commercial property at 1101 South Main Street was the focus of an executive session with the council Monday evening. The session was called to discuss the potential acquisition of the property or developing negotiations to that end.

By Russ Baldwin

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