Doug and Linda Harbour, Lamar Days Royalty, 2019

The Harbours, Lamar Days Royalty, 2019


Doug and Linda Harbour settled in Lamar in 1974. They picked Lamar because Linda had grown up south of Granada and Doug had spent countless days hunting and fishing in the area with his Dad.  The couple loved the outdoors and appreciated the beauty of the Plains!  Both initially worked at Prowers Medical Center; Doug as a Medical Technologist in the lab, and Linda as an RN.  After 6 years Linda made a career move and went to work for the VA at Fort Lyon Hospital and then the Lamar VA contract clinic at High Plains, retiring from the VA after 25 yrs.  They actually met at the Springfield Hospital where both worked in 1971 and 72.  Linda was also working at the Walsh Hospital.  Linda Quattlebaum Harbour grew up on a farm 30 miles south of Granada involved in all aspects of farming and ranching.  She attended Plains School, one of the last one room schools in Colorado; graduated from Granada High and was awarded a Boettcher scholarship which funded her degree from the CU School of Nursing.  After retirement Linda continued following their grandkids sports as she had done when Doug coached baseball and David played from T-ball to Senior Babe Ruth.  Linda’s time has been spent volunteering with SDS on their board, MOPs and Alta Vista Charter School.  Those activities and getting to spend lots of time with their own kids and grandkids have been very rewarding. Nothing like kids to brighten your days!

In the 80s and 90s Doug augmented their income by writing for many of the national hunting and fishing magazines. He was also on the staff with the Chevy Truck Outdoor Pro Team.

One of the crowning moments of their lives occurred on May 15, 1979 when David Lee Harbour made his arrival. Their son has grown into a tremendous individual.  Dave now has his own family of April, Ryan, Tines and River.  The whole family also carries their love for little Reece that we lost in 2011.

Our precious Stacy Ann was born Sept. 10, 1981. She brought so much innocent love and has taught us how success can be measured in small steps.

Doug, as a veteran that served with the 3rd Marine Division in Vietnam 1968-1969, understood the sacrifices the military make!  As a civilian working at PMC next to the Emergency Room it became obvious how 1st Responders also share the noble commitment of placing the well-being of others over their own safety.  Ambulance personnel and police face the same horrific situations as does a soldier in combat.

After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Doug vowed to keep this painful memory alive. When the 10th anniversary of 9-11 rolled around he felt our Country was slowly relinquishing the absolute necessity of truly honoring the memory of 9.11.2001.  This set in motion the formation of the Tri State 9-11 Foundation that honors the 1st Responders that serve their Community and Military (Past and Present) that have served their Nation.

From a humble beginning of 300 people on the Courthouse lawn honoring Veterans and 1st Responders, this event has grown.  Every year the length and scope of the Parade and Formal Ceremony has grown tremendously.  We now have participants from Wyoming to Texas and all up and down the Arkansas Valley, with folks visiting from the Front Range.  Doug and Tri-State Tribute Foundation Committee are in the middle phase of constructing the 9-11 Memorial that is taking shape at the KLMR curve.  When it is finished it will be a beautiful, hallowed, and welcoming gateway into Lamar!  The community response and participation has been astounding during these eight years!  Thanks to everyone, and thank you all also for this great honor!

The Harbours, 2019 Lamar Days Royalty, was selected by the Zonta Club of Prowers County committee.



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