Holly Commercial Club Prepares for Bluegrass Festival


The Holly Commercial Club met Wednesday, May 1st, with eight members present.

The September Pedal the Plains bicycle event was on the minds of those present. The Commercial Club is contemplating selling post cards, with or without stamps. There’d be a drop box and we would get them to the post office for the bikers, if needed.

Rod Swisher stated that the June Bluegrass Festival is looking for new board members. Four of the present ones will be stepping down after the festival in June. If interested, please let Rod Swisher or Lacey Seufer know, or one of the commercial club members.

The BBQ that’s scheduled for the Friday evening meal is coming together. Gary Melcher’s Backyard BBQ will be taking care of the meat this year.

The club’s storage unit is being emptied and turned back. The contents are few. One of the members present bid on the boards and shelving. Rod made a motion to accept their bid, Viola second. Motion carried. The bricks were bid on and John made a motion to accept the bid, Tracey second. Motion carried.

Cheryl Sanchez gave us an update on the happenings with PEP and SBCD. Meeting adjourned at 1:15pm.

Secretary, Viola Melcher

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