LUB Recaps Recent Power Outage

Truck and Pole on East Olive Street

The Lamar Utility board held a brief meeting on Tuesday, March 12th as they tabled a planned customer presentation regarding Solar Interconnect with Lamar Light and Power.  A group of citizens who use solar power to offset a portion of their electrical costs have approached board members in the past, seeking a clarification of the plant’s net metering policy.  The group indicated they have been meeting with Prowers Economic Prosperity and will have a more specific meeting date once they’ve completed their position and concerns.

Board members approved the purchase of an equipment truck that features an aerial device. The cost, $194,404 has been covered in the 2019 budget.  The truck will be fully equipped and the Plant expects delivery by the end of the year.

Pole and Truck on East Olive Street

Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, provided a rundown on the loss of power to a portion of the Lamar community beginning at 10:35am on Wednesday, February 27th when a semi-truck making a delivery to the Home Store on East Olive Street struck and broke off a 50 foot wooden pole that held three pole mount transformers.  The impact, he explained, caused the Plant’s 25kv differential protective relays to operate and trip open all major circuit breakers, shutting down the entire substation.

The outage affected the northern sections of Lamar, all of Wiley, McClave, Bristol, Hartman and Holly. Power was restored to almost all customers in about one hour and power was restored to the directly impacted customers at about 5:30pm.  Hourieh said the resulting financial losses, approximately $16,500,  will be forwarded to the Plant’s risk policy carrier, CIRSA, for coverage and potential legal action.

By Russ Baldwin

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