LCC Planning a New Construction Phase on Campus Buildings

Base Tower of Sculpture, Wings of Knowledge

LCC Planning a New Construction Phase on Campus Buildings


Lamar Community College recently finalized a Facilities Master Plan as required every ten years by the state. LCC President, Dr. Linda Lujan, remarked to the Prowers County Commissioners, the college was aided in the project by an architect firm .The College needs a current FMP when they approach the Capital Development Committee for funding.  “The FMP is a realistic plan which is very doable,” she explained.

There will be eight projects undertaken over the next year including a new Career Technical Education building which will be constructed south of the library and should be completed by the spring of 2020. Lujan said, “This will actually be a form of delightful chaos, as we haven’t had this level of construction since the renovations to Betz Building, the Horse Training and Management facility or the Wellness Center.”  Some of the facilities in the CTE building will include:  Precision Ag and Construction Trades, elevators and ADA ramps for the Trustees and Bowman buildings and walkway improvement and, new light poles with Solar LED lighting fixtures, conversion of the old bookstore into a student union, new work stations for Cosmetology students and hopefully in time for the college’s 80th commencement in the spring, the renovation to the Wings of Knowledge, 40 foot pedestal will have been completed.

Additional funding has been received for the MAPs Center, part of the Title lll federal grant. Through the efforts of Greg Cash LCC received a grant from the Colorado Garden Foundation.  This will be used by the Home on the Range and Colorado flower garden and range plot.  “All of these projects will be putting money into the local economy, based on the construction developments over the next year,” she said.

There have been some short term goals on developing a college level soccer team at LCC with the possibility to use the high school soccer field for practice and games. Lujan said a new sports team would add to the number of students, but that would be a short term gain.  It would also bring the need for additional accommodations.  One new student pod has been built out of three that had been planned.  The infrastructure has been in place for all three for a savings, but funding is still needed for the remaining two which would hold from 24 to 28 students each.  “We are in talks with a funding group for a five year bridge loan for one pod.  Colorado doesn’t offer funding for dorm construction as they are considered auxiliary enterprises.  There are a lot of aging dorms around the entire state and our revenues are earmarked in part for upkeep of the older, main dorm.”

Original LCC Dorm

The college is launching its 2020-2025 Strategic Planning process with a series of community outreach interviews similar to the ones we’ve done before. “We’ll talk with external stakeholders in the community for recommendation of goals relating to students, employees, resources and community success,” she said.

Several other projects were highlighted during the meeting including an ESL course for parents which now has 20 students. Two new grants were received from El Pomar and the Laura Jane Musser Fund for the MakeSpace program at the college.  This will help fund training hours and class scholarships for entrepreneurs who wish to develop their prototypes and create a business plan for marketing and sales.  Lujan said this program has the potential to drive the local economy with new business start-ups and job creation.  The college is also considering an active seniors grant for the 50-plus demographic in the region.  Dr. Lujan concluded her meeting with the commissioners, on Tuesday, stating that the visit from the accreditation body in October was a success and the college has received its accreditation for another ten year span.  “I had no doubt LCC would do well..”

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