City Narrows Search on Outdoor Christmas Decorations


Angie Cue, Lamar’s Community Development Director, gave an update on funding for new outdoor Christmas decorations for the city. During a January 28th meeting of the Lamar Redevelopment Authority, Cue said many of the current light pole decorations are almost 40 years old and have been repaired by Lamar Light and Power.  A four year replacement program was originally planned at a cost of $10,000 a year with the City of Lamar and the Utility Board each contributing $5,000 to the purchase.

Cue brought the Lamar City Council up-to-date at their February 11th meeting. “We had a discussion with Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh on cost sharing and it turns out, the Light Plant contributes about $12,000 year for any repairs to the fixtures as well as putting them up and taking them down each year.  They don’t have the funding in their budget,” she said.

The city doubled the number of current poles, from 24 to 48 since the Main Street Renovation Project between Park to Colonia Streets, which left some areas between the Cow Palace and Lamar Community College empty, as well as some portions of East Olive Street. Cue explained that her selection committee has concentrated on three designs, each in the neighborhood of $341 per decoration and they will use the $5,000 to make an offer, especially now that post-season discounts are available.  “We’re not sure what the shipment cost will be right now, but will have that information in the near future.”

By Russ Baldwin

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