Granada Trustees Begin Grant Process for Town Water Infrastructure

Granada Water Tower



The Granada Trustees decided to pursue a grant application to finance water main improvements in the community during their monthly meeting, Wednesday, January 9th.  This project was researched by the Trustees in June 2016, working with the GMS engineering firm from Colorado Springs.  Mayor Glenn Otto was contacted by David Frisch from the firm recently, beginning a discussion on pursuing a $5,000 grant to update an initial infrastructure study needed to be sent to DoLA by February 15th of this year.

Otto explained, “Frisch thought we could apply for a $100,000 grant to get started towards the $600,000 we would apply for. The total available for block grants for these projects in the state this year is $3 million and it’s a starting point for us.”  There are several dollar levels for funding, but the $600,000 would begin with $150,000 and balance would be a zero percent loan.  Otto told the Trustees a general town meeting would be necessary to gain approval from residents to move forward on the project.

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, informed the Trustees he is one of three applicants for a personal interview for the position of Springfield Police Chief. “I was one of seven persons who interviewed initially and am one of three that have been called back for a personal interview for the job,” he explained.  Dougherty said that although he’d like to remain in Granada, the benefits are persuasive for the move, should it develop.  He hasn’t been made any offer, but felt in fairness, he should inform the Trustees about this development so they could make plans for a replacement.  “I should find out from Springfield in from four to five weeks,” he stated.

The Granada Fire Department is separating from the Prowers County Fire Department and Dana and Natalie Musick informed the Trustees of the move, asking if they and the three Granada fire fighting vehicles would remain under town insurance coverage. Dana Musick said the move would exclude the Bristol Community from future coverage.  Although Rural Fire will cover Bristol, all the communities in the county are under a general mutual aid agreement for which insurance coverage is provided.  The Musicks were concerned about liability coverage.  They mentioned that repairs are needed in the firehouse including work on a plugged central drain, new ‘No Parking’ signage is needed as vehicles will pull up, blocking the doors, some earlier work on the roof left holes which now leak water and they will search for a replacement air compressor part for the current model before inquiring about a newer, smaller model.

In other action, the Trustees approved a renewal contract with S & S Fumigation at the same $750 annual fee, approved the proposal for water tank repairs from Marine Diving Solutions at a cost of $3,050 and approved the Complex rental to the Granada Water Association for all day on February 5th.  Chief Dougherty said the 15th Judicial District VALE board approved the full application for Granada at $9,300.

By Russ Baldwin

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