Brief Agenda for Lamar Utility Board



The Lamar Utility Board covered the basics in a brief meeting on Tuesday, November 27, with approval of purchase orders of $63,236.69 and payment of bills of $774,301.37 for the past month.

Light Plant Superintendent, Houssin Hourieh, provided the October 201 financial report showing cash is up $266,823 from September and accounts receivable decreased by $398,262. Total operating revenues for the year are $13,434,310 and total operating costs are $10,691,805 resulting in gross operating income of $2,742,505.  When the non-operating revenues and expenses are taken into consideration there is a net income of $1,258,784 year to date.

When compared to 2017 revenues from retail sales are up approximately $582,935 or 5% comparing October 2018 to October 2017 and overall operating expenses are up approximately $488,468 or 5% resulting in a net income of $1,258,784 for the year.

Through the end of October, the Light Plant turbines have generated 9224.72MWH’s of electricity which is about 2.83% higher than the same period last year. The turbines have an average capacity factor of 27.15% which is lower than last year by 1.33%.  The Springfield turbine, through the same period produced an average capacity of 45%. The annual maintenance program for the five turbines is now underway.

The final regular meeting of the Lamar Utility Board is set for Tuesday, December 11th.

By Russ Baldwin

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