Granada Trustees Takes Steps to Assume Role of Sewer Board



The Granada Trustees were informed the community has been approved for a $5,000 grant for a water study and a grant for $20,000 for water storage. Town Clerk, Jackie Malone, said she would find out the next steps needed to secure the funding.

The Trustees will make a determination at next month’s meeting for a replacement Trustee for Deb Choat’s seat on the board following her resignation this past summer. Letters of interest for the position have been received and will be reviewed pending a determination.

The matter of ending the town’s Sewer Board was tabled until the November meeting. Two members, Denver Riddle and Jesse Melton, said the board had been formed in 1965 in order to establish an entity which could apply for bonds for sewer improvements. The members felt it was time to disband and turn the operation over to the Trustees.  Neither group had a problem with that event, but delayed action until they received information from the town attorney regarding the proper steps to take in the action.  Residents have been billed $2 per month for sewer fees which will have to be assigned to the monthly billing from the town clerk’s office once the board has been disbanded.

One applicant for the landfill operator was received and action on hiring will be on hold pending a standard background check for a municipal employee.

Granada Police Chief, David Dougherty, asked for advice regarding alcohol consumption in the town park, an issue stemming from a recent altercation that occurred last month during a public event. He and the Trustees agreed that a security presence has always been required at such gatherings, either from the Granada force or from the Prowers County Sheriff’s Posse and the hosting party will be responsible for their compensation.  Trustee Sanchez suggested that the ordinance governing events of this nature be amended to change ‘dance’ to ‘public events’ providing a more general coverage for security requirements.  The Chief noted there may be some changes taking place starting in 2019 with the passage of a bill that allows grocers and convenience stores to begin selling ‘full strength’ beer. Previously, they had been limited to see only 3.2 beer to their customers.  The Trustees approved $275 to be spent on signage for the town’s new Chevrolet patrol unit.

The next Granada Trustees meeting is set for Wednesday, November 14th at 6:30pm.

By Russ Baldwin

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