Expanded High Plains Family Health Clinic Opens


Dr. Figlio and Board Member Jean Lunt


Groundbreaking ceremonies on the $1M expansion project for the High Plains Family Health Clinic were held this past October 6th and the ribbon cutting on the pediatric and dental clinic was held this past Wednesday, August 15th.

Clinic Executive Director Eric Niemeyer

High Plains Clinic Executive Director, Eric Niemeyer, welcomed the gathering at the front of the newly expanded facility which added 2,000 additional square feet to the building which houses the pediatric clinic headed by Dr. Figlio and the remodeled dental clinic. The project included one single door opening into the building as well as more space for staff, seven additional examination rooms, a private breastfeeding room and two play areas for youngsters.

Board Chairman Jim Farmer

Niemeyer thanked his staff for their patience during construction as everyone from the two buildings had to be squeezed into existing offices and exam rooms in the main clinic.

Senator Larry Crowder

Jim Farmer, High Plains Board Chairman, recapped the expansion of the facilities over the years, noting that the original clinic began with ten employees in one building and are now at three buildings with 115 employees. He noted that the expansion process had a direct correlation with economic development in the community, with high paying jobs and keeping medical services within the community.  Farmer reminded longtime residents of the days when the building had housed Jim’s Pharmacy and Doctor Benton’s office.  Farmer noted the revamped building will also be used for adult care and behavioral health services.

Reception Area

State Senator Larry Crowder, who serves on the Health and Human Services Committee, explained that this area of Colorado is unique because of employing integrated health services into the manner in which patients are treated. He said it’s inspirational that Lamar would take the lead on integrated health care through their local efforts.  He thanked the Clinic’s board for their efforts to advance health care in rural Colorado.

Examination Room

Attendees enjoyed a free lunch from Luckie’s BBQ and signed up for various door prizes during which time KVAY Radio was conducting a remote broadcast of the activities.

By Russ Baldwin


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