Holly Trustees Review Impact of ARPA Power Purchase Agreement


A special event liquor permit was granted by the Holly Trustees to the Holly Volunteer Fire Department following a public hearing at the town depot on Wednesday, June 6th.  The permit allows alcoholic beverages to be served during a car show and concert event from 10am to midnight on Saturday, September 29th.

The Holly Trustees tabled approval of Ordinance 522 until more discussion and information regarding a Power Purchase Agreement between the town and SECPA, Southeast Colorado Power Association becomes available. The ordinance also involves the termination of the power purchase agreement between the town and ARPA, Arkansas River Power Authority.  Once all facets of the agreement have been completed, Holly, one of six ARPA municipal members, will decide to purchase power from Tri State Generation and Transmission.  For that change to move forward, the Trustees did approve Resolution 2018-4, ratifying and confirming Resolution 2018-3, acknowledging and approving the issuance of refunding bonds by ARPA and related matters.

During a second public hearing, ARPA General Manager, Rick Rigel, briefed the board on the latest developments the power agreement purchase would have on the Holly community, ranging from the percentage of cost reductions for their monthly power purchases to the discussion among the ARPA members over the division of property and assets, including the Holly power generator, which will come about later this summer once all six members have agreed to the provisions of the Power Purchase Agreement contract.

Eric Depperschmidt, Prowers Economic Prosperity, Executive Director, provided a quarterly update for the Trustees on business development within the county. PEP, he said, has developed social media sites with facebook and twitter to help promote Prowers County.  A sub-committee continues to promote Senate Bill 18-197 which, if approved, would provide a five mile exception to pass through the Lamar Port of Entry.  Depperschmidt said the legislature did not forward the proposal last session, but he believes more representatives will be on board for the next year.  PEP is also reviewing programs which will provide detailed demographic summaries for the county.  Aaron Leiker, Holly Trustee and PEP President, added that work is underway on a county-wide incentive program which will be offered to new business ventures in the county.  While not binding, the incentive package offers options which can fit to the specific needs of a new business.

In other action, the Trustees voted in favor of a recommended address for a business location on South Main Street. Following discussions over several board meetings on whether one long-lived business should change its number or a newer business opt to use a hyphenated number, the Trustees voted to recommend Gateway Products use 209 ½  as opposed to altering Golden’s from 211.  The town attorney’s letter on the matter stated that the board did not have the authority to make an existing business alter its address.

The Trustees discussed landfill rates for types of materials that would have to be deposited in the town’s landfill in the event Shanner Elementary is torn down. There has been discussion to demolish the building, but landfill prices are needed to help inform potential bidders of the costs that they will incur. The next Trustees meeting will be on Wednesday, July 11th due to the 4th of July Holiday falling on the first Wednesday.

By Russ Baldwin

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