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Last summer’s hail storm left a lasting impact on the area. Lamar Utility Board members voted to approve a bid from Camp and Currell Construction for repairs to damage to the main office and warehouse roof.  Lamar’s Chief Building Inspector, Craig Brooks attended the May 29th meeting to offer information pertaining to the repair project.

Light Plant Superintendent said a claim was filed with CIRSA, the plant and the City of Lamar’s risk policy advisor, for coverage and Brooks submitted eight bids for the project, receiving only the one bid of $139,178.75 while CIRSA initially estimated the repair project at $87,202.79.  Hourieh explained, “We’re still negotiating with CIRSA as we’re short about $48,504.96,”  He added that because it’s a city project, Camp and Currell waived the $2,530 permit fee and allowed some leeway for trash disposal bringing the estimate to $135,787.75.

Brooks commented that he wanted the new roof to be in use for years to come, writing the specifications for the project to materials that would offer a fifteen year warranty instead of ten years. He said the roofing materials, known as EPDM, is hail resistant which would eliminate future repairs from another hail storm.  Brooks said the board had the option of going with a less costly material, TPO, but it was not hail resistant.  The board accepted the bid for repairs, while negotiations for additional compensation from CIRSA will continue.

All five wind turbines in use are due for their semi-annual inspection and maintenance program. Hourieh estimated it will take about 12 hours per turbine for the project and work will be done on calm days.  When asked about any impact the strong and consistent winds from the past weekend would have on the turbine’s operation, Hourieh explained, “In order for them to shut down, we’d need sustained winds of 55mph for a minimum of three minutes.”

The board accepted a bid of $15,526.15 from Western United to replace power line items from stock inventory.   A bid of $12,936 from Wesco Denver was accepted pole enforcer hardware.  Some of it will be used on the wooden poles along Savage Avenue in Lamar.

The April 2018 financial report noted that revenues from retail sales, year-to-date are up approximately $14,788 or less than 1% comparing April 2018 to 2017 and overall operating expenses are up approximately $47,412 or 1% resulting in net income of $296,818 for the current year.

Hourieh told the board the line crew is upgrading four miles of single phase 4kv circuit to Shady Camp on east Highway 50. Two miles will be done this year and the remaining two will be done in 2019.  The electrical maintenance crews are coordinating with the Parks and Rec Department to cut a trench in the Community Building’s north side parking lot to replace a failed underground circuit to the parking lot lights.

By Russ Baldwin

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