Warmer Weather, Water Use Reminder



The Lamar Police Report for the past weekend included a jump in advisements around the city regarding improper watering procedures.

The City of Lamar is still at Mandatory Stage 1 water restrictions which allow users to water any day of the week except Friday but still curtail watering between 10am and 6pm, a period when evaporation is at the highest due to summer temperatures. The City Council decided in April of 2016 to go to Stage 1 from Stage 2.

The Stage 2 restrictions had divided the City of Lamar into two halves with residents to the east and west of Highway 287 watering their lawns on alternating days of the week with Friday still prohibited.

Residents are reminded to keep their water on plants, shrubs and lawns and help prevent unnecessary watering on sidewalks or driveways.

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