PATS 2017 Recap Provided to County Commissioners


Darren Glover, Operation Director for Prowers Area Transit, provided end of year numbers for PATS riders and corresponding finances this past Tuesday, January 16th.

Revenue from riders, not counting Seniors was $15,416.95 for the year which averages to $1,284.75 per month through 2017. The Senior ride revenue was $3,779 which averaged to $314.92 per month.  Each New Year’s Eve, PATS provides free bus service, acting as the designated driver for the public at large.  Glover said 123 riders used the service and total donations came to $189 for the night or $1.54 per person, per ride.  PATS has also provided free transportation to residents and visitors who attend the annual Holiday Basketball Tournament at the Lamar Community Building.  Unfortunately, there were no takers on the offer during the three day event.

Commissioner Ron Cook said the Bristol/Granada Seniors expressed interest in an unused PATS bus for their transportation needs. They offered $2,000 which would be ‘as is’ on the condition of the vehicle.  Glover said the bus has some miles on it, but is fully operational with the exception of the tail lights and that can be checked out from the county garage.  He noted that the wheelchair lift on the bus is easily worth the $2,000 offer.

Glover recommended purchasing on-board cameras for the PATS bus felt locally, at a cost of $100 per camera. “They view both the interior of the bus and its front view at the same time.  An outside source lists their cameras for $5,000 each so we can have considerable savings with the local purchase,” he explained.  He said the local units have only a three day recording storage, but the chips can be removed to a computer to archive several months as needed and for the most part, if a problem were brought to light, it would probably be within three days of an event.  He said English-Spanish language signs about the use of the cameras would also be posted on each vehicle.

Attendance at the Lamar Senior Center on East Olive Street for 2017 was 9,627 based on signatures on the entry book and the monthly average was 802. Glover said attendance was decreased compared to earlier years.

By Russ Baldwin

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