Enrollment Climbs at Lamar Community College

LCC President, Linda Lujan Ph.D.


The headcount for Lamar Community College’s spring semester, according to President Linda Lujan, is up 9.9% and is showing a Full Time Equivalency of 10.39%. She added, “As of last week, only Trinidad Junior College surpassed LCC in growth in the Colorado Community College System.”  Dr. Lujan told the Prowers County Commissioners that of those 13 schools, LCC is the smallest.

Discussed House Bill 10-86 which is seeing bi-partisan support to allow community colleges to expand their curriculum and allow for a Bachelor’s degree in finance and nursing. “State data shows an annual shortage of 500-600 nurses a year in Colorado.”  She said legislators expected some pushback from the four year schools, but on the plus side, there is also support among hospitals for the bill as it allows for accreditation of local students and allows them to remain in the college’s community instead of leaving the region to pursue their additional education.  Lujan said about 30% of LCC’s graduates will go out of state for that reason.

Student and campus growth is always a focal point with her goals for the college. There have been discussions to start a soccer program, but housing needs for additional students with that program are a concern.  One new dorm pod opened up for about 32 students two years ago, but construction funding was just over $1M, mostly through local and in-kind donations.  The President said that growth is always welcome, but a downside to that is to jump up and back down again through boom and bust cycles.  It’s better to develop a strategic growth plan.

The new Vice President for Academic and Student Services has yet to be determined. Dr. Lujan said four qualified candidates were interviewed on the 18th and 19th of January and it will fall to her to decide which one will be the best person at this time for the college.

By Russ Baldwin

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