Update and Cause of Trailer Fire

Back Bedroom of the Trailer

An investigation by the Lamar Fire and Lamar Police Departments determined that the trailer fire at 704 West Logan Street on Monday, December 18th was due to several factors related to an overheated laptop computer, charging cord and the placement of the laptop on a bed.

The investigation showed a laptop computer in the rear bedroom heated and melted onto the bedsprings and the charging cable was found to be broken and had several places of exposed copper and portions of the cord had melted into the carpet. Apparently the only way the computer could function was while being plugged in due to a bad battery.  The fan port was also blocked by fabric from the bedding covers which allowed it to overheat and accidently started the fabric of the bed on fire.

The property loss in the fire was estimate at $15,000 and content loss was $10,000.
By Russ Baldwin


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