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West Beech Street Property


Downtown Roof Repair Costs Awarded by Redevelopment Authority Board

The condition of five buildings in Lamar, at, 121 West Beech Street and 106-108-112 and 122 South Main Street, were highlighted for the Lamar Redevelopment Authority Board on June 5th, requesting assistance with roof repair costs. The matter of leaking roofs and costly repairs for the downtown Lamar area has been long noted in the community.  Lamar Mayor, Roger Stagner, expressed a concern regarding the potential business developments for some of these buildings in the future, “We want to be sure that when we help finance these repairs, there will be an understanding that some type of investment will be made to turn them into a working business.”  City Administrator, John Sutherland, added, “Each of these will have a development agreement in the contract.  I understand that we don’t want to improve them only to have them sit on the market for a couple of years.”  The board, in general, felt that the repairs were still needed, if only to stem any future deterioration of the roof and the interior to the point that repair costs will only increase or turn away a prospective business.

STARBURST AWARDS 2017 – Lamar 4-Plex Ballfield Wins Lottery Award

June 29, 2017, DENVER – America’s favorite pastime has a new field of dreams in Lamar.

The City of Lamar received a Lottery Starburst Award for using Lottery proceeds to build a new Four-Plex ballfield. The project was completed in 2016 and utilized more than $1 million in Lottery funds from two Lottery beneficiaries; Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and the Conservation Trust Fund. The award was presented at the under-10 baseball tournament in Lamar on July 6.

With increased demand for adequate softball and baseball facilities, the city partnered with the community college and school districts to develop a new Four-Plex that is easier to maintain, ADA-compliant, and meets modern playing standards. Lottery funds covered more than half the project cost which includes four new ballfields, a concession stand, restrooms, announcer’s booth, dugouts, bleachers, scoreboards, sprinkler systems, and new lighting.


City Holds Public Hearings for Land Annexation and Motel Room Tax

Two, brief public hearings were held by the Lamar City Council Monday, June 12th, and both should have a lasting impact local economy for years to follow.

The council approved an ordinance promoting a 5% motel room sales tax.   If approved, a 5% sales tax will be added to the bill for any motel/hotel room in the City of Lamar.  Pat Palmer, one of the proponents of the ordinance, explained that the tax funds will be used to hire a full-time events coordinator who will be responsible for bringing various events and conventions to the city.  The funds will also be used for regular business needs such as office space and business equipment.  The tax funds are expected to generate about $250,000 a year.

The second public hearing cleared the way for the annexation of the T.L. Tucker property just north of the Lamar Canal and east of Main Street in Lamar. The land will be used as a truck stop for the Pilot Travel Center, a nationwide concern which has business interests in 45 states.  The construction is estimated to begin in July and should be completed by mid-September.  Principals in the project said from 25 to 30 full time jobs would be created for the 24/7 operation.


Jacob Holdren Receiving Oath of Office from Town Clerk Megan Jara

Jacob Holdren New Holly Trustee

Jacob Holdren will replace Jerry Jones as a member of the Holly Board of Trustees. Jones submitted his resignation several weeks ago and Holdren took his oath of office during the June 7th meeting.

On a similar matter of vacancies, the Trustees reviewed the job description for town administrator, but decided against any formal action to begin advertising for the position that was left vacant with the departure of former administrator, Jerry L’Estrange this past November. Town Clerk Megan Jara remarked that if there were plans to hire a replacement, the salary would have to be factored into the 2018 budget which will come under review by late summer.

North View from Spreading Antlers Golf Course

Pep and Sagebrush Meadows Proposal

Jillane Hixson, Prowers County resident, represented her group for Sage Brush Meadows, Inc. to the Prowers Economic Prosperity board in their goal to develop a new nursing home in the Lamar area. She addressed the PEP members, Tuesday, June 6th, accompanied by Brad Semmens and Jay Brooke.  The concept of a new nursing home has been proposed by Hixson for several years and she and her group have sought land donations and a means of securing a needed state-issued Medicaid certificate that would allow a new nursing home to be erected in the Lamar area.

She said a recent donation of 10.28 acres of land north of Spreading Antlers Golf Course will serve as the site for the proposed 60/80 bed facility that is on the drawing board and awaiting seed money for a feasibility study which is estimated at $35,000 and may be covered under a USDA grant for 501C3 operations. The cost of the project is around $12M which will be paid back at 3.38% interest over 40 years.  An impediment to the operation, a Medicaid Certificate of operation for a new nursing home granted by the state, may be allowed under the classification of the nursing home, designated as a Green House Project.  The state has imposed a moratorium on new certificates.  Previously, the plans for Sage Brush Meadows moving ahead would have been to receive the certificate from an existing, local nursing home operation.


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