Community Corrections Facility on Contract Deadline


New Roof on WPA Buildings


The Prowers County Commissioners approved a fourth amendment deadline for the contract to purchase property intended to be used for a community corrections facility on East Maple Street in Lamar. The final extended closing date is December 15th, 2017.

Prowers County and Douglas Carrigan agreed to a contract in July, 2016 for the sale of real estate which Carrigan planned to turn into a local corrections facility, similar to one he owned and operated in Sterling, Colorado. Several subsequent amendments to the contract delayed transfer of ownership with the most recent coming on September 12th and October 10th of this year.

Commissioner, Ron Cook, said the facility would benefit the community, but it was unfortunate that these delays had occurred. County Attorney, Darla Scranton Specht said she would contact Mr. Carrigan’s attorney on the need to have final information for the commissioners at least two weeks before the closing of the deed.

Carrigan had approached the county almost two years ago, outlining his plans for a community corrections facility which would repurpose the WPA buildings on East Maple Street. His outline called for 12 to 15 employees to oversee approximately 20 residents who would reside in the facility and be able to hold jobs in the community while the remainder of their sentencing period was being served.  Carrigan said the clients would be from this area, and once they had secured jobs, would be able to return to community life.  All the clients would be required to undergo random drug testing which would be an automatic benefit to their potential employers.  The WPA buildings got a new roof last year which was paid for by the County.  Other future upgrades to the four main buildings had been planned.

Renovated County Courtroom

In other developments, the commissioners met with representatives from 360 Energy Engineers regarding the quality of sound in the third floor courtroom at the courthouse. A series of soundproofing air baffles have been recommended for installation at the HVAC air-exchange, fan coils.  The acoustic air baffles should serve to lessen the amount of noise that filters into the courtroom and should be installed for testing after the Thanksgiving holiday.

By Russ Baldwin

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