Repairs and Upgrades Planned for County Properties


County-Owned Journey Building

Several repair projects were discussed by the Prowers County Commissioners with Kirk Powers, Building Maintenance Supervisor, during their morning work session on Tuesday, October 10th.  The County Annex at South Main and East Cedar Streets will have a new roof before the middle of the month.  Powers said, “The demo crew is now on hand and we expect to have the project completed by the end of the week.  They plan to have the roof stripped by Wednesday evening and the new materials are expected to arrive shortly.  The prep crew will begin their work at that point and we should have it finished off before there are any changes in the weather.”  The cost of that project is $84,645.

Roof Work Underway on Annex

The county is receiving a grant for repair work on the Journey Building, approximately six miles south of Lamar on Highway 287. Commissioner Ron Cook said the Sheriff’s Office will receive a POST grant for funding which can be used to construct a training facility for area law enforcement agencies.  “We decided to use the Journey building, and with the $31,340 in funding, make repairs to the unused building for indoor classrooms and an outdoor firing range.”  He said Sheriff Zordel will also use it for some storage for his department.  There was no given date for that project’s completion or when it would begin operations as a regional training center.

The commissioners and Powers discussed some ongoing problems with the new hvac system installed in the courthouse this past summer. There are some ‘hot spots’ where the thermostat is registering hotter that required temperatures.  Some offices and bathrooms as well as the courtrooms on the third floor are up in the low 80s, either because the heater won’t switch off or the air conditioning units are not performing as expected.  Powers believes there are some control valves which have been installed incorrectly and the contractors have been contacted to come and fix the problems.

Powers said the roof leaks at the shop building at the fairgrounds will be addressed as well as some sidewalk cracks around the county courthouse which need filling. Commissioner Wendy Buxton-Andrade also mentioned a widening gap between the marble steps leading into the courthouse.  Powers said he’s spoken with the historical architect about correcting the problem and they will see what can be done during her next visit.  He told the commissioner that his crews have put in some cosmetic filler, but the rainwater that drips in back of the steps eventually flushes it away.

Powers said everything should be ready for the Saturday yard sale being conducted at the Welcome Home Child Care Center on Savage Avenue from 8am to noon. His crews have been hauling out items for the sale which is set for October 14th.  Commissioner Cook said several storerooms from the county have been emptied of items such as chairs and desks and other materials, and the Center’s employees and their families are also contributing their own items for the yard sale.  Commissioner Buxton-Andrade explained that the proceeds from the sale will be used to fund events or materials for the Center’s children.

By Russ Baldwin

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