City of Lamar Eligible for Tree Replacement Funding

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The City of Lamar may become eligible for a tree removal grant under a program administered by the Colorado State Forest Service. Lamar City Councilmember, Anne-Marie Crampton said the funds would finance tree removal and replacement on public property.  Without specifying the amount, Crampton said the grant is a 50/50 match.

Jane Felter, long-time member of the City’s Tree Board, said the city will have to compete for its share of funding with other communities from around the state. She estimated the total funding at $200,000 from which a town would receive a portion of the grant.  “A community the size of Campo might get between $1,000 and $2,000 for their projects, and if the full amount isn’t used, it’s reclaimed back into the pool of funding for later disbursements,” she explained.  Felter added that city crews could do the work to provide some in-kind funding on the match.

She said tree board members will survey the community next week, starting with the golf course and moving on to city parks. “We’ll look at these areas before we start to consider trees along the sidewalk areas of Lamar.”  She added the board will only look at public lands and not any that are privately owned.  Felter said the board and city has some leeway in the replacement trees in that they don’t have to be in the same location or same species.  “Instead of all seedlings, with the funds we’re being given, we can consider larger trees for planting.”

By Russ Baldwin

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