Arrest Affidavit for Todd Cope, Next Court Date is October 5

Prowers County Courthouse


Court records show the Colorado Bureau of Investigation received a call from 15th Judicial District Attorney, Josh Vogel on September 7, 2017 requesting investigation assistance.  A probation client had reported his probation officer, Todd Cope, threatened to revoke his probation unless he brought cash and drugs.  The client stated he had brought Mr. Cope cash, edible marijuana and narcotics pain pills on previous occasions.

CBI Agents met with the client and reviewed past text messages between Cope and the client which referred to “candy” and cash. The client told the CBI investigators arrangements had been made to deliver $250 in cash and “goods” to Mr. Cope during a visit to him on September 9, 2017.  Past text messages between the parties were shown to the CBI by the client and one referenced that the client should “Bring my (emoji of a bag of money)” and another writes, “Revo? I can do that.  Lol” .

Other references to revocation are made in messages. Mr. Cope expressed efforts to get the client re-assigned to his caseload.  Mr. Cope also emailed District Attorney Vogel on July 17, 2017 requesting an early termination for the client from probation which was denied.

The client provided the CBI with five pills, identifying them as “Perc 10’s” and were obtained by the client for the express purpose of being delivered to Mr. Cope. The agents confiscated the pills.  An analysis shoed four pink pills were 10 milligrams of Oxycodone Hydrochloride, a Schedule II controlled substance.  After conferring with the CBI agents, the client agreed to make a controlled delivery of $250 in US Currency and the five pills to Mr. Cope at the previously agreed upon time at Mr. Cope’s office in Lamar.

The cash and pills were documented by the CBI on September 8, 2017 and a device capable of recording audio and video for recording the meeting with Mr. Cope was provided. The client and his vehicle were searched by the CBI before he was provided with the drugs and cash.  The client went into the Prowers County Courthouse and left a short time afterwards while a CBI agent monitored the electronic surveillance equipment.

The investigating agent questioned the client outside the courthouse while other CBI agents met with Mr. Cope in his office. When he asked, what “this is about,” it was explained to him about the pink pills and money.  Cope denied any knowledge about them.  The investigating agent met with Cope and the CBI agents in his office as Cope was denying having $250 cash on his person and said he had destroyed the pills.  Money was seized from Cope’s wallet which was on his desk and Cope admitted the $250 was in his wallet.  Cope was placed under arrest for possession of a controlled substance and extortion.  A search of his person turned up a plastic baggie with a marijuana leaf on it and three of the pink pills which matched the same markings as the pills provided to the probation client to give to Mr. Cope.  Cope agreed to an interview which was conducted in the Prowers County Sheriff’s Office and was read his Miranda rights as well as stating he was willing to waive his right to an attorney and answer questions.

Mr. Cope said he was a Lamar Police Officer from 2008 to September 2015 and worked as a probation officer since 2015 which was confirmed by Chief Probation Officer Byron Hall. Cope told the CBI agent that the client had been a confidential informant of his when he was a police officer.

The client told CBI agents he had delivered cash and drugs to Mr. Cope on five to 10 occasions, delivering an estimated $4,500 to $5,000 in cash and drugs and 15-20 pills. Court records for the client show he was charged with Attempt to influence a Public servant in 2011.  In that case he made statements threatening Mr. Cope and his family and was convicted of harassment in this case.

Cope is scheduled to appear in court next on Tuesday, October 5, 2017. He has posted bail at $10,000.

By Russ Baldwin

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