USDA: Condition of Colorado Corn Acres Continues to Drop

USDA Report: Percentage of Colorado corn acres in “good” or “excellent” condition continues to drop
Last month, more than 80 percent of Colorado’s corn crop was listed in “excellent” or “good” condition, but after steady declines recently, there’s only a combined 67 percent listed in those two categories this week. 
A recent U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report showed, as of Sunday, July 9, that only 9 percent of the state’s corn was in “excellent” condition, 58 percent was “good,” 15 percent was “fair,” 13 percent was “poor,” and five percent was listed as “very poor.” Until this week, zero percent of the state’s corn acres had been listed as “very poor,” dating back to when the first report came out this spring. 
While some Colorado counties have received isolated moisture, many pockets of the state have been seeing hot and windy conditions, which has led to a decline for various crops in some areas, according to reports from the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) office in Colorado.
Nationwide, 13 percent of the crop is in “excellent” condition, according to recent USDA figures, 55 percent is listed as “good,” 24 percent is “fair,” six percent is “poor,” and two percent are listed as “very poor.”

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