New Season, New Goals for HOPE


HOPE Mural by Bimmer

Years ago, an artist would use a palette and brush to create their work. Now, they can refer to the picture’s display or representation on their ipad in one hand and use a can of spray paint to complete their artistry with the other.

Artist at Work in Lincoln School Gym

Although the means of application may have altered, an artist’s work is still very personal and that has been expressed through the mural on the gym wall at the HOPE Center at Lincoln School, created by Bimmer from Denver, CO.

He’s been doing murals for the past 12 years and at the age of 27, he’s gotten a lot of experience, turning a hobby into a profession. He’s always at work, “I work on these kinds of murals every day; it’s my life and it’s my day to day job.”  He intends to continue the work into the future, “I’ve been doing this for a decade, so I see no reason to stop now.”

His work is being coordinated with Rise Above which has engaged youth with various mural art projects around Lamar, as well as compiling photos of the community which reference student’s concerns and observations, good and bad. Last year, Bimmer worked with students to create a mural on wall space donated by NAPA Auto Parts in Lamar.

He’s been given a fairly free rein on the mural’s subject matter. “They gave me ideas and some images they liked and we went from there.”  On the scope of his project, he explained, “This is small from what I’ve done. I’m working on a project that measures 125 by 30 feet high in Denver, for a Montessori elementary school.”

When asked about his technique with spray paint and computers, Bimmer said, “I’ll start with a drawing and from there go digital on my computer and compare it to the pad while I’m working.” He said other than taking courses on graphic design; he’s had no other formal training.  “I started doing this with my friends years ago and just taught myself how to go from there.”

This reporter took a guess at the subject matter, “This is Obama, right, the former President?” Wrong!  Bimmer said the face depicts a student in thought, contemplating his options for the future, based on his efforts through education, to attain a sound mind in a sound body.

HOPE Students at Lincoln School will have that painted reminder and goal for them when classes start this August for a new year.

By Russ Baldwin

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