Funding Approved for LCC Antelope Stampede

The Prowers Lodging Tax Panel approved a request of $9,700 for marketing funds to promote this year’s LCC Antelope Stampede Rodeo at the Prowers County Fairgrounds. Fred Sherwood, who organizes the annual September event, said the event, which began in 1951, continues to grow with 350 contestants from 14 different colleges competing between September 29th and October 1st.

Sherwood estimated 850 out-of-state visitors came to Lamar for the event in 2016 and he estimated about 950 to attend this falls’ competition. The rodeo is a boon to local motels with an estimated 350 rooms booked for two to three nights and to local businesses, restaurants, C Stores and downtown shops.  “We spent about $26,000 to put on the event,” Sherwood stated, adding, “We clear around $1,200 and some of that is used to pay for road trips for the LCC rodeo team.”

Two other annual events were presented for funding; this year’s Tri-State 9/11 Tribute will be held September 9th and the all-day event features a parade and various patriotic displays, bands and speakers at the Prowers County Fairgrounds.  The Panel tabled the $2,000 request until additional funding became available, probably at the August 15th meeting.  This will mark the 6th year the Tribute has been held.  It will be highlighted by a flyover just prior to the parade and a Huey attack-helicopter from the Vietnam era will be displayed for the first time at the event.

Huey Gunship

Another annual request was tabled, also pending additional funds that are paid monthly to the Panel from the State of Colorado. Ginger Coberley, Lamar Chamber of Commerce President, requested $4,050 for the November 10th Farm-City Banquet held at the Lamar Community Building.  The chamber uses the funds for entertainment fees and marketing. “This year, we’re going to bring a magician to the banquet,” Coberley explained, adding that the entertainer has run his show in Las Vegas and his act promises to be something unique for the family.

The next Lodging Tax Panel meeting is set for August 15th at 4pm at the PEP offices at the Rodeway Cow Palace Inn.

By Russ Baldwin

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