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John Sutherland, Roger Stagner, Sharon and Lance Wilson, Jeremy Cooper, Gene Cruikshank, Mike Duffy and Bob Randle


Lamar artist, Jeremy Cooper, gathered with local officials and members of the Arkansas Valley Board of Realtors for the presentation of the first piece of artwork that will grace the Pocket Park in downtown Lamar. Cooper’s sculpture is being donated by the board.

Char Herrera, co-owner of the Home Store in Lamar, was also present Friday morning to review the various types of foliage that will be planted along the northern wall of the park in two elevated and curved sections. The planters have been designed to provide seating space along their length and another low wall, or curved divider which runs almost the length of the interior will also provide built-in seating.

Cooper said his work represents the agricultural influence of the area. While not an actual piece of tractor equipment, the gears, wheels and frames all reflect machinery that has seen its time in the field.  “It’s not supposed to be brand new so I gave it a weathered look when I was done, as if it had been around for a lot of years.  Commenting on the color, he explained, “It’s close to a John Deere green, but I mixed it myself to achieve the effect I wanted.”  Cooper said additional pieces of artwork are being discussed for the park’s future.

The first phase completion is still a week or two away. More of the brickwork has to be completed and Herrera said the planting will be done in stages.  She was working with the construction crew to get an idea of the best sunlight for the trees and plants that will soon be included.  Numerous “bubble” type sprinklers are in the planters which will be covered with protective bark or mulch.
By Russ Baldwin

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