Holly Trustees Review Backflow Policy


The Holly Trustees will meet in a work session on February 15th to determine who needs to have a water backflow device installed on their plumbing to prevent contamination of the public water supply.  The issue was on the Trustee’s agenda for their meeting February 1st.  The Backflow and Cross Connection Control Ordinance was unanimously approved by the Trustees after a final review during their March 2016 meeting.  The requirements of the backflow devices are dependent on the town’s engineering survey.  Not every residence in Holly will need to install a device, such as a single-family dwelling unit that is not cross-connected to another water main.  Former Town Administrator, Jerry L’Estrange, told the Trustees last year the study will emphasize industrial and restaurant lines.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment requires these devices to be installed to prevent a backflow of contaminated water from the source into a town’s water supply and a survey of the town’s water infrastructure determines which businesses are at risk. The backflow unit is usually installed at the point at which the waterline enters a building.

Mark Hartman, a water circuit rider representing the Colorado Rural Water Association in Pueblo, briefed the Trustees during their January 2016 meeting. He said the state wants communities to abide by the ordinance as of the first of the 2016 year.  Hartman outlined four steps for a community to follow:  develop an ordinance, outlines plans and regulations, conduct a survey of commercial and industrial customers and provide a public education campaign so residents can become aware of the needs for the system and their potential obligations as it applies to them.  At the February 1, 2017 meeting, several of the Trustees wanted clarification as to how the ordinance would be outlined for the community.  Holly Town Clerk, Megan Jara, said she needs to have a final letter drafted and approved which will be sent to the town’s residents.  That letter and other clarifications are expected to be discussed in the work session and brought back for action at the March 1st Trustees meeting.

The Trustees discussed the need to have a state certified employee at the town landfill, as well as a trained back-up employee. Jara said the town has training cd’s and videos and suggested that some form of documentation be developed that shows a person has undergone training for any future state inspections.  The town received an extension on the documentation to April 17th.

In other action, the Trustees approved to continue using Brase Insurance in Lamar for Airport Liability Insurance Coverage. The fee is unchanged from 2016.  Mayor Tony Garcia suggested the Trustees get a few price estimates to have someone fill and cover the cracks developing in the Depot Parking Lot.  Trustee Larry Sitts asked the board to consider hiring an out-of-town administrator as a replacement of Jerry L’Estrange who resigned at the end of 2016.  The Trustees briefly discussed the pros and cons that would come from the long-distance arrangement and will explore the possibilities during their work session.

By Russ Baldwin

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