Granada Trustees Approve New Permit Fees

Granada Water Tower

Granada Water Tower

The Granada Trustees voted unanimously to increase the price of building permit fees from $15 to $25 effective immediately. The Trustees also wanted to make sure that the paper permit would be displayed at the place of construction once it had been issued.  The Trustees also voted to purchase computer backup software for the town’s five computers.  The price, $1,100 is being taken from the Capital Improvement Fund which has sufficient funding for the purchase.  Another $400 was approved for a new coin-operated, community water dispensing unit located at the town park.  This is used primarily for agricultural needs rather than the type that fills one or five gallon containers for home or office use.

John McMillan, Town Maintenance Supervisor, told the Trustees that all the necessary signs have now been posted at the town landfill, picked up all the loose trash in the vicinity and the plastic retaining fence has been put back up. He added that with regard to flood control, all the debris under the bridge is being cleaned up.  A mower from Prowers County will be used to clear out any weeds as well as determine the best way to remove the trash from the ditch.  He said he anticipated an inspection this spring and the town’s insurance could be impacted if the ditch is not up to standards.  Burning is not allowed so the trash will have to be removed, but there may be a need to burn away some of it while the fire department is present for burn control.  “I want to get this done before the farmers start flushing out their fields.  We’ll be right back to where we were if that area gets wet and hasn’t been cleared out,” he explained.

Several Trustees plan to attend an afternoon session on February 28th, regarding the status of area  landfills.  Mayor Glenn Otto referenced a letter from an environmental consulting firm, AEC, LLC regarding recent developments.  He said Granada could be impacted by a state order mandating some landfills be closed and said that there are grants available that can help a town finance the associated costs.  Granada has been moving towards compliance in some areas, but some deficiencies can be expensive.  One cost will be the construction of a groundwater well at the landfill site at approximately $4,000.  Otto told the Trustees that one waiver they obtained for small sized landfills has expired.

In other action, the Trustees approved building permits for Renee Valanzuela to replace a trailer house on their property with a newer model and Bill French was granted a permit to create a 14 by 34 foot cement pad on his property. The Granada Complex has been rented for February 25, 26, March 4th and April 8th.  Carrie Esquibel was recently appointed to fill a vacancy on the Trustee board as of the beginning of 2017.

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